SPARK strengthens product development in academia

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Less than 5% of life science discoveries are translated into medical solutions. SPARK connects academia with industry experts to access know-how and derisk projects early on.
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About SPARK Zurich

SPARK Zurich is a mentoring network for researchers with ideas for new therapeutics, devices or diagnostics. SPARK Zurich is based on the SPARK program developed at Stanford University, which has achieved a translational success rate of more than 50% and has been replicated at academic institutions around the globe.

SPARK is designed to de-risk projects with high potential impact, addressing critical unmet medical needs for any medical indication. Our aim is to accelerate the translation of academic inventions into breakthrough products for patients, regardless of modality or regulatory path.

Mentoring is provided by the UZH Therapy Development Accelerator and external advisors with expertise in product and clinical development, regulatory, business and access. SPARK Scholars (“SPARKees”) participate in regular meetings to experience and observe mentoring through the TDA team and quarterly meetings with industry experts.

SPARK is open to anyone within an academic affiliation in Zurich, including professors, clinicians, postdoctoral scholars, and PhD students. We encourage anyone with an idea or proposal to contact us.

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About SPARK Global

SPARK supports programs at institutions across the world working to develop their own translational research programs.

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The TDA Team

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Dr. Liliane Brunner Halbach
Lead SPARK Contact
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Dr. Michio Painter
Head TDA
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